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Liverpool One 70 years ago

This aerial photograph was taken by RAF reconnaissance on 11th June 1941.  It shows clearly the severity of the bomb damage in Liverpool City Centre.  The Albert dock and Three Graces can be seen to the left of the image and the sheer devastation of the area around Paradise Street is all too obvious.

liverpool docks blitz damage 1941
© (NMR RAF/13H/UK789 110) English Heritage (NMR) RAF photography
paradise street blitz
Blitz damage on Paradise Street 1941
lord street blitz
Blitz damage on Lord Street 1941

For over 60 years after the May Blitz, the authorities struggled to find a valuable use for this once prosperous area of central Liverpool, with much of it left abandoned as wasteland.  It wasn’t until very recently when it was redeveloped as the Liverpool One Shopping District, that this area found a useful identity once again.