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Liverpool Blitz 70! Saturday 30th April

The first day of the Liverpool Blitz 70! event was for the most part a roaring success and we’d like to thank all those involved!  Sadly, the major disappointment was the Spitfire flypast being cancelled due to dangerous wind conditions.  We apologise to all those who were disappointed by this, as indeed we were, but it was always dependent on the weather and as there are only a handful of original WWII Spitfire fighter planes remaining we had to respect the owner’s decision.

Thanks to all those who took part in the veterans’ parade.  It was a fantastic sight to see those who survived the terror of the Blitz marching alongside military veterans young and old from the region.  We have had lots of lovely feedback from people who watched the remembrance ceremony and were very moved indeed.

All photographs courtesy of Victoria Phipps Photography

liverpool blitz 70 city pipe band

Many thanks also go to the City of Liverpool Pipe Band for their wonderful music.

liverpool blitz 70 veterans parade

liverpool blitz 70 veterans

liverpool blitz 70 garden of remembrance

liverpool blitz 70 winston churchill

Derek Herbert addresses the veterans and the crowd as former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

liverpool blitz 70 winston churchill

liverpool blitz 70 stan boardman

A group of volunteer cadets pose for a photograph with Stan Boardman.  Stan was pleased to be asked to lay a wreath in memory of those who lost their lives during the Blitz on Merseyside, as his elder brother Tommy was killed when the Air Raid Shelter in which Stan and his family was spending the night took a direct hit.

liverpool blitz 70 blitz and pieces

Blitz and Peaces entertain the people of Liverpool with a wartime sing-along in front of the Spitfire on Williamson Square.

liverpool blitz 70 fire appliance

The Merseyside Fire Service Museum have two fire appliances on display on Church Street, both of which were used to put out the blazes in Liverpool during the Blitz of World War II.

liverpool blitz 70 st julie's dance group

Local girls from St. Julie’s Catholic High School perform various blitz-themed dance routines.

liverpool blitz 70 punch and judy

The 6th generation of the Codman family perform a very entertaining Punch and Judy show.  The Codman family’s original 180 year old stage was well remembered by many Liverpudlians as it has been used to perform this much loved show since the Victorian era.

liverpool blitz 70 re-enactor

liverpool blitz 70 wwii re-enactors

More photographs to come soon but don’t forget tomorrow is the last day of the Liverpool Blitz 70! event and we like to go out with a bang!  Please come down, enjoy the entertainment and show your support for these wonderful veterans’ charities… we hope to see you there tomorrow!


Introducing “Blitz and Peaces”

We are very pleased to introduce “Blitz and Peaces” who will be on the streets of Liverpool City Centre entertaining and educating visitors to our great city, leaving them feeling they have had a real opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of the home front!

The Blitz and Peaces team are incredibly enthusiastic about what they do and have been busy researching the historic details of Liverpool’s experience during the May Blitz in 1941 in preparation for our anniversary event.  Dressed in various full WWII uniforms, they will no doubt capture the imagination of the young and trigger the memories of the old with their songs and stories about life in Britain on the Home Front.

Photography courtesy of J S Dyer ©

When asked why they do what they do they said, “We all love the sense of triumphant human spirit over almost insurmountable odds to ‘keep the home fires burning’ and we all marvel at the ‘save the string’ and ‘make do and mend’ re-cycling drives that were in operation during the war years.  This of course has subsequently come back into sharp focus as people realise the global importance of controlling our own waste and re-cycling used materials.

We love the ‘live for the moment, as who knows what tomorrow will bring’ ethic of people who volunteered to go in to combat in the armed services, and those thrust into danger on the home front from the bombing raids.  Men and women putting life and limb at risk by joining fire services, rescue parties and medical teams, in order to pull together as a community and help their friends and neighbours during this time of peril.