Introducing Northern Forties!

Northern Forties are a British 1940s re-enactment group with a mixture of civilians and military personnel.  The group consists of a number of like-minded individuals who have lots of fun dressing up in wartime period clothing and their members come from as far afield as Harrogate in Yorkshire, across to Lincolnshire and Norwich to the east, Conway in North Wales and Northamptonshire in the South Midlands.  The Liverpool Blitz 70 organisers are very pleased to have over 20 members of the group taking part in our 70th anniversary event!

northern forties

Northern Forties will be based on Williamson Square for the duration of the event, representing a broad range of civilian and military persons who each had their own role to play in the war effort.  Visitors will find members of the RAF, Royal Navy and Army, as well as evacuees and Land Army girls. Some may even catch a glimpse of a downed Heinkel Bomber Pilot having been apprehended by the Police!

WW2 anniversary northern forties

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